About Megalicious

Megalicious is a home baking and pop-up cafe business from Meg Ayres

Meg loves people, baking, cafes, and Strictly Come Dancing, but she hasn’t figured out yet how to make a business out of loving Strictly Come Dancing...

When Meg was 13 years old, she was diagnosed as coeliac, meaning she is intolerant of gluten.

At the time, most gluten-free treats tasted like a poor second-best. So with her mother Meg researched and experimented with different recipes to create brownies, cookies and cakes that were not only as good as, but often even better than, the gluten-full equivalents.

While still at school she ran a home baking stall at the Galloway Children's Fayre and completely sold out, raising money for Machars Riding For The Disabled.

Meg was born with Down's Syndrome. Although there was plenty of support for her when she was at school, there is very little provision for young adults with additional support needs once they leave the education system.

Fortunately for Meg, she was able to start as a volunteer, and then become a trainee at the multi award winning cafe, The Usual Place in Dumfries. It is dedicated to training young adults with additional support needs in a proper working environment.

In the 3 and a half years Meg was there she gained Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs) both in the kitchen and front of house.

With the brilliant support in place, Meg grew in skills and confidence and eventually decided she would like to run her own business, based on her indulgent, scrumptious, delicious, megalicious, gluten-free home baking.

Meg has now finished her time at The Usual Place and is in the process of setting up her home baking and pop-up cafe business.

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